Expanded Cirkulacija at Alkatraz – scheduler

Published on May 22nd, 2010


Video stream will be occasionally available at http://www.3via.org/video/. Have VLC (VideoLAN) software installed…

Timeline  (ad-hocs will be agreed upon later)


Monday, 24.05.2010

Monday is the introductory day for all the participants

Cuisine: we join with Šutka avkcija + goulasch (meat and vegetarian?!)


– start


– ad-hoc

18.00-19.00: Terrah – Šutka avkcija (in front of the gallery)


– ad-hoc

– 23.00-24.00 netcast/broadcast to Radio Student

Tuesday, 25.05.2010

Tuesday might point to the total Eventing…

Cuisine: who + what…


– start


– ad-hoc


– Eventing (grand opening…)

– Stefan Doepner – Walking Tent


– Expanded Cirkulacija 2 ensemble or/and individual (Borut Savski, Stefan Doepner, Boštjan Leskovšek, Milan Kristl, …)

– ad hoc

24.00-26.00 netcast/broadcast to Radio Student

Wednesday, 26.05.2010

Wednesday might be a day focused on topics of media, intermedia, generative video, advanced video methods

Cuisine: Maja Smrekar + Chili con carne…


– start


SCCA – prologue to seminary on video archiving (na sestanku bomo debatirali o trenutnem poteku dela v zvezi z DIVA (digitalni video arhiv) in o seminarju z naslovom “Kako povezovati vsebine AV arhivov”. Tema tokratnega posveta bi bila arhiviranje večmedijskih del, zato bomo temu prilagodili tudi izbor povabljenih umetnikov: son:DA (Miha Horvat), Sandra Sajovic, Marko Ornik, Luka Frelih (Ljudmila), Marko Peljhan ali J.J. Grassi, Bojana Piškur – Moderna galerija, Maja Smrekar – Kiberpipa, Marko Košnik in stalna gosta Miha Vipotnik, Damijan Kracina

– bridA (Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, Tom Kerševan) – surveillance/ camera performance (+ TV Slo camera team)


– ad-hoc

21.00-22.00 netcast/broadcast to Radio Student



Četrtek, 27. maja 2010

ob 12.00 začetek

ob 17.00 Brezglavi kozliček – pripravlja Stefan Doepner

tekom popoldneva: progresivna nano video intervencija bridA

tema dneva naj bi bilo široko polje biologije, ki se meša s tehnologijo in – umetnostjo

ob 20.00 Reni Hofmueller: bio-deverziteta, naključni zvoki meteoritov in notranji zvok stavb

ob 21.00 Gregor Kamnikar:


M različica 3.0.1 (govorni zvočno-vizualni performens



po 22.00 Razširjena Cirkulacija 2: situacija, 4.dan

Petek, 28. maja 2010

ob 12.00 začetek delovnih priprav

ob 21.00

ManRa (Catania / Ljubljana) – Synestension: audiovizualni performens
Raffaella Piccolo: slikanje v živo, video
Matjaz Mancek: zvok, elektronika v živo, kontaktni mikrofoni

ob 22.00 Aluviana z gostjama Majo Smrekar in Natašo Živković (zvočno-vizualni performens)



Friday might be focused on “fuzzy” and other logics (Bostjan); pattern recognition; cybernetic systems, autopoetic systems, etc – also analogic logic? (Borut) …



In preparation: a two-way video stream from/to Forum Hackteria @ Dock 18 Rote Fabrik Zürich / Switzerland


See participants’ proposals …

Proposals for Concourse = Discourse situation at Alkatraz Gallery (24th=Monday to 28th May=Friday, 2010 = live; after that until 10th of June = exhibition)


direct webcasts to Radio Student:

Mondaym 24th; 23.00-24.00

Tuesday, 25th: 24.00-02.00

Wednesday, 26th: live & prepared: 21.00-22.00

Thursday might be a day focused on topics of biology, bio-diversity and water (Reni)

Friday might be focused on “fuzzy” and other logics (Bostjan); cybernetic systems, autopoetic systems, etc – also analogic logic? (Borut) …


Reni Hofmueller

i can come to lj./alkatraz in may from tuesday 25th arrival to sunday, – 30th, departure day.

i have 2 projects i would love to have some time for somewhen in this year, so if it fits your plans – great, but also no problem if you say, other time…

1) “collisions” – is an intreactive videoinstallation, where a realtime radio frequency filter triggers the quantity of meteorits falling on the earth. the sound at the current stage is the sound of longwave radio, very abstract sound, i love it – when you move the radio, you get other sounds and this changes the falling meteorits; it could for example also be triggered by the sounds that are present in the space = all of us. there is a photo here:

http://renitentia.mur.at/kollisionen.html – stil have to work on the description

what i would like to do is work on the pd/pidip-code which originally tatiana de la o wrote; this can stay as an interactive installation there, if you like.

i also made a video once, just have to remember, where it is, so you get a better picture.

2) i want to work on a possibility for wireless remote control via usb for pd-patches. i have done some little research in this direction, but not taken any serious time to do that – and i need to focus on it in order to get further; there is no direct connection to a project yet, but it can serve all sorts of purposes.

or…i just do something completely new :)


Ksenija Čerče

Besides the multichannel sound system (based on a SOUND LIBRARY of recordings made in Berlin) and building a self-made bass speaker to be integrated to this system I am planning to start working on a noise video about Cirkulacija 2. After the workshop the video is to be shown as a single channel piece at Alkatraz gallery. To be explored and continued in future Cirkulacija situations…


Borut Savski

I will work on a (Pure Data) system for sensory video montage with 12 sensors (for a project of Bratko Bibič at Sajeta festival).

Will also use Arduino board as interface for different sensors – also a simple thermenvox – either for video generation or audio generation. There are some ideas of working with a drummer to create a “total instrument”. Ha ha!

Will do/ collaborate at two radio broadcasts (tuesday 25th May after midnight = 2 to 3 hours, and on wednesday 26th – about 20.00 or 21.00 to 22.00) – with Bojan Andjelkovic/ maybe also Ida Hiršenfelder. Will do some video netcasts.

Will occasionally add to the ongoing video documentary at Cirkulacija 2 events.

Will do a perfomance at a set hour – when empty scheduler & needed. Can do some meta-dance music in afterhours – and dance myself – if so desired

Will take part in all activities on other levels (buying stuff, helping cooking, etc.)

Will help in building the bass loudspeaker and will try out an idea of an air compression baloon loudpspeaker.


Stefan Doepner

I am working on some additional features for my Oskar Sound Box, also I will bring my walking tent. It should perform together with other events on the 25th. Also I am thinking about a bass box system, as part of my sound box project, I would like to build a simple to regulate bass feedback box.

I will try to be there all days from morning to night, will be around for working/researching, cooking, cleaning, helping, leraning, eating and eventing… for thursday we plan to prepare a lamb or goat outside on open fire.

as platform-material I will also bring some midi to voltage interfaces and one voltage to midi interface.

in the evenings I would like to perform with all different guests and friends…


Marko Košnik

marko košnik bo za izvajalce dnevnega programa in zainteresirano publiko predstavil postopke petja, s katerimi lahko akterji vzbujajo k resoniranju notranjščino svojih teles. z izpeljavo osnovnih tehnik je mogoče pristopiti k skupinskemu petju, utemeljenem na glasovnem samouravnavanju celotnega zbora. mimo izkustvenih kvalitet

tovrstna aktivnost pomaga pri sproščanju po dolgournem sedenju pred računalniki in predstavlja obliko neposredne interaktivnosti med sodelujočimi. vaje bodo potekale progresivno v več korakih, ki vključujejo vse sodelujoče: opazovalci so obenem izvajalci.

Marko Košnik will for the participants and the public present the singing method of their own resonating body insides. With this it is possible to sing together as a vocally self-regulating choir. It is a form of direct interactive among the participants. It also helps to put stress out of the body. The rehearsals will be progressive in a couple of steps.


Boštjan Leskovšek

Mirror stage/ interactive installation This work is about the playfull interest, a child shows for his mirror image at the age inbetween six and eighteenth month. Since this particular interest does not appear with animals it is clearly showing a difference between them. A child is capable of recognizing his own image in the mirror, he is animated by it and develops a certain positive relationship to it. This is basic facts one is able to observe. All the way from the beginning a human baby is already: born too early, underdeveloped physiologically and therefore distressed, miserable and in consequence to this experiences in elementary discomfort. By recognizing himself in this image, the image perfection anticipates its own completion. With the conlusion: this image is not him. Of course this image is his own image, but then again it is the image of another, alienated to him by his own lack towards the image perfection. Because of this distance he is taken by this image and identifies with it.

The installation itself is an allegorical analysis of “ A total event” the initiator is performing towards himself. His already constructed “I” is faced with an imaginary alienation in the mirror (LCD). Within the mirror image(LCD) the image of the other is decomposed by movement troughout time . Simultaniously physiological senses of hearing, seeing, movement are disturbing and teching trough ears, eyes and body about the nature of the event.

Material: computer / LCD monitor, webcam, active speakers, pure data (http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip.html

Elektroturntable/ installation A primal material rotation causes electric contacts One is able to perceive through a passive loudspeaker. In order for this to happen the turntable carries a plate capable of transmitting electricity. Several small wires slide on the plate. This is a the first phase fallowed by automation. (Arduino http://www.arduino.cc/ ).

Material: turntable, plate, metallic collor spray, speakers

One day in an hour/ automated field recording


Within this repetitive process each hour recorded and played back initiates a new recording. Eventually the last recording contains all the 24 hours recorded previously. This time sonic thickenings are dedicated to sounds of Metelkova.

Material: computer, LCD, microphones, pre-amplifier, puredata

Microbiotop = isolation / komunication / installation- presentation

Is the Pavlov ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Pavlov ) effect effective in microbiotop?

Material: computer, webcam microscope, piezo speaker, swamp water, pure data

The soft sound boredom 2/ sound event

Material: thingama, thingamago2, dronelab


Gregor Kamnikar

se z veseljem prijavim z naslednjim projektom:

M različica 3.0.1 (glej http://m.ops.si)

Trenutno postavljamo M 2.2, ki bo v bolj tradicionalni obliki kot plesna predstava v Stari mestni elektrarni 9. In 10. Junija. V pripravah 7. In 8. Junija bomo postavljali različico 3. V tretji različici gre za instalacijo dokumentarnega projekta. V 2 in 3 različici uporabljamo videoprojektorje z različnimi nameni. Pri 2 gre za uporabo videoprojekcije kot vizualne meditacije na temo identitete. Marjeta je osvetljena z dvema videoprojektorjema tako, da iz kateregakoli kota gledamo vedno vidimo vsaj eno projekcijo nje: senco, projecirano Marjeto in realno Marjeto. Tretja različica gre

dlje in želi s prepletom kamer in videoprojektorjev vzpostaviti projekcijo večdimenzionalenga prostora v 3 (oziroma 4) dimenzionalni prostor, kjer Marjeta biva vsaj en teden dni.

Na Ekspandirani Cirkulaciji bi se odvisno od dodeljenega časa in prostora prepletali formati predavanja, postavljanja instalacije, postavitve instalacije z uprizoritvijo na temo umetniške projekcije večdimenzionalnega prostora na 3 oz.

4 dimenzije. Teme projekta kot atraktorjev pozornosti so: dokumentiranje trenutka, hologramska dramaturgija (vsak gib vsebuje že celotno predstavo, celotna predstava je en sam gib, kakršnokoli sosledje trenutkov projekta naredimo, vedno pridemo do iste slike…), diskretna družinska umetnost (diskretna tako v pomenu intimna kot nezvezna, družinska tako v smislu fizične družine kot po besedi iz katere izhaja: drug).



audiovisual performance – ManRa (Catania / Ljubljana)

Raffaella Piccolo: live painting, video

Matjaz Mancek: live electronics, contact mics


Raffaella Piccolo, visual artist, specialised in the field of live painting and video, known for numerous collaborations with sicilian music/art collective Improvvisatore Involontario and Matjaz Mancek, experimental musician (projects: saMMan, Alzheimer Trio, collaborations: Alexei Borisov, Tristan Honsinger, Anthony Pateras…) have been working for the past year on new audiovisual project Synestension, which has been presented on festivals in Ljubljana, Palermo and Catania.

Encounter between a synesthetical multi-sensory experience and the tension that is being created when different forms of artistic expression are juxtaposed in the same time and place in order to intercommunicate and shape complementary creative output.

sound frequencies visualized in colour textures < -> paintbrush moves producing audible effects < -> poetry adopting the visual and audible states of matter < -> music with the sensation of the color < -> painting with the sensation of the sound < -> synaestesia with the sensation of tension.