Cirkulacija 2 v Zagrebu – galerija Močvara, 9. -13. junij 2012Cirkulacija 2 in Zagreb – Močvara gallery, 9. -13. June 2012

Published on May 13th, 2012


Stefan Doepner’s SonicPartner

Boštjan Leskovšek’s Wally

Borut Savski’s Bowlfulls of Sound (Great balls of Sound; MozArt kugel…)

Jakob Harisch and “joule-thieves”


C2 + 300.000 V.K. = ueber V.K.

combined views …

Photos by Boštjan Leskovšek, Sara Moritz, Stefan Doepner

Work that is to be used and presented as topics of workshops:

1. Jakob Harisch – “joule-thieves”:
Simple oscillator circuits driving LED lamps that are able to run for days on the power remaining in the used thrown-away batteries. They provide “larger than physics” energy levels for LED lamps. The workshop will start on Sunday 10th June at around noon (12.30) and continue in the following days – until the participants’ interests are exhausted. The participants are asked to bring as much of the materials with them (LEDs, transistors, RF-chokes, used batteries) – all the materials is usually part of some used electronic or computer equipment – motherboards etc. Check the elements needed in the links below. Some more precise bill of materials will be prepared soon.


The “thieves” will be part of the space light installation in the gallery.

2. Stefan Doepner, Lars Vaupel, Borut Savski – “Simple and not so simple autonomous moving sound platforms”
Commonly known as robots. From robots exhibiting some forms of more or less complex “mechanical intelligence” (no electronically or digitally programmed behaviours), to the robots based on switches, analog electronics (BEAM robots) to the more defined digitally controlled robots (with arduino controller, sensors & actuators).

The presentations of concepts will be part of the workshops starting on Monday 11th June at around noon and will continue progressively through the days to come. The participants should also bring the mechanical (boxes, wheels, motors), electronic parts (sensors, switches, relays, transistors, small loudspeakers) and arduino (if needed) to build the desired type of platform.

Moving platforms will help with amorphous sound situation in the gallery (Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski, Boštjan Leskovšek, Lars Vaupel).

3. Simple laser systems (Lars Vaupel, Jakob Harisch, Borut Savski, Stefan Doepner, Boštjan Leskovšek, etc.)

Last year we started building up some laser systems. The basic systems were used in the open-air public space all over the 2011. This year a jump from the deterministic to some algoritmic behaviour is needed. The search for the best solution of a self-made laser deflection system is still going on.

At the heart of controller – the graphics generating system – there is usually an arduino board.
Lasers will form a part of the situation’s light system.

4. Advanced video de/composition methods (Boštjan Čadež, Slavko Glamočanin, Neven Korda)
Three different advanced methods of video generating systems. All using the same basic principle of cybernetic loop/ interactive behaviour through communication with the environment and by the hand of artist.

Part of the space light installation system.

5. Omnidirectional and unidirectional sound system defines the basic fixed sound environment. Built by Cirkulacija 2 members in the past three years (Stefan Doepner, Boštjan Leskovšek) it provides an excellent spacial listening information for abstract sound forms.

6. Every day there will be a need for a central meal. The cooking is part of the project. The cooks are highly valued!

7. Main evening events are concerts, performances, presentations, lectures, debates – more on this in the tabler at the bottom of this page

8. The evening events described as sessions are to be so-called Social Noise Sessions – a kind of after-hours improvised situations – relativelly open to participation