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May 31st, 2015
C2: Umetnost gleda v prihodnost

C2: Umetniki iščejo prihodnost (where is the future of art), photo: Matjaž Rušt

From 4. to 18. june 2015  Cirkulacija² at Tobačna 5 in Ljubljani: a two-week concentrated series of activities in technology, sound, light and performance arts. The title:  The Noise is Us – Cultural Interfaces. Public opening was on Wednesday, 10th June 2015 at 20.00.

Participants: Uwe Schüler and Jördis Drawe (Tübingen/DE), Ronald Gonko (Berlin/DE), Mike Hentz (US, CH, Berlin/DE), Ole Wulfers (Berlin/DE), Borut Savski (Ljubljana/SI), Stefan Doepner (Bremen/DE, Ljubljana/SI), Boštjan Leskovšek (Ljubljana/SI), Boštjan Čadež (Ljubljana/SI), Lina Rica (Makarska/HR, Ljubljana/SI), Jakob Hariš (Ljubljana/SI),  Neven Korda (Ljubljana/SI), Dominik Mahnič (Ljubljana/ SI).

Recent photo & video albums are at FB… Photos: Boštjan Leskovšek, Miha Koron in Stefan Doepner


Saturday, 6. june at 12.00: Advanced electronics and electronic sound workshop (first group).

Uwe Schüler has prepared a sequencer project, that he will present and then also help to build together with Jördis Drawe.

Sequencer is sometimes called rhythm-machine. In this case it is a much more elaborate machine, but it needs a sound source – usually a sound synthesizer.  The time needed to finish the machine is one day – 8 hours, or two days per 4 hours. The workshop is not for absolute beginners!

LuSy files: LuSy_Doc10, LuSy_SEQ_application, LuSy_ASY, LuSy_SCH

Tuesday, 9. june 2015 – at 12.00: Advanced electronics and electronic sound workshop - LuSy sequencer, 2nd group

Uwe Schüler is electronic engineer and artist, working in the fields of sound and light, but it is always the social contexts that mean a great deal to him.

Jördis Drawe works  with electronic circuits, light and sound.

Together they established the artists’ house/ art center “Kulturgüter-Schuppen” in Tübingen in Germany. They were running workshops for children, students and artists. DIY (do-it-yourself) principles and recycling of materials stand as their critique of consumer society.

They participated at festivals: Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, Shift Festival Basel, Camp Festival Stuttgart, Tinguely-Museum Basel, Interfiction Kassel, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, NoBudget-Medienfestival Tübingen, Homemade Labor Schweiz, Kunstuni Linz, HfG Karlsruhe, Lab30 Augsburg, FEZ Berlin and other DIY-festivals accross Europe.


Wednesday, 10. june 2015

20.00: Public opening of the festival, with performance by Mike Hentz and Ole Wulfers


Mike Hentz is an American-Swiss artist living in Berlin. Artist, art university professor,  independent radio presenter, musician, organizer of  many pioneering projects in the domain of performing and media arts in 80-s, 90-s – and now. He was co-founder of Minus Delta T, Van Gogh TV and Ponton Media Art Lab. With these groups he was presented at Ars Electronica and Documenta. Hentz is a performing artist, musician etc…

Ole Wulfers studied fine arts and experimental film at the University of Arts Bremen, he lives in Berlin and works as artist, composer, musician and actor. He was part of Kapaikos, of MariaHilf and in the 90s of Partydiktators, recently he is also working with Phoebe Killdeer.

Friday, 12. june 2015 

21.00: Ronald Gonko – Philosophic Sisterhood / performance concert

Ronald Gonko, known also as  “Gonko Industries inc.”, is musician from Berlin, lately active in Berlin Synthesizer Orchestra (BSO), using analog synthesizers. His main area is music: from experimental electric projects like BSO and anti-electro Stop Disco Mafia, to acoustic expressions as in groups Kapaikos (Polka-Punk) and Mariahilff (obscure singer-songwriter approach). In solo perfromances explors the boundaries between serious artistic approach and neo-dada.

He will use variety of instruments, tune therm with the C² space and use the possibilities of the C² ambisonic system.

Friday at 22.30: sound performance by participants/ builders of LuSy sequencer: The LuSy Orchestra (Jakob Hariš, Boštjan Leskovšek, Otto Urpelainen, Uwe Schüler, Jördis Drawe, and others).

On friday also video-installation Videotrakt by Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež will be put on display.

Saturday, 13. june 2015 at 12.00 and later: Family afternoon – children’s workshop of building Rainbow Lights Sponges
(workshop led by Jördis Drawe, artist from Tübingen). The other option f0r make&take is FolkTV (VolksTV).


Monday, 15. june 2015

21.00: Borut Savski – “See how the righteous perishes” (sound&light allegory). With Boštjan Čadež
The reference should be clear: Christ dying on the cross for our sins – archaic allegory of sacrifice to gods. Violance performed when two opposing righteous positions clash. The world of hybrid realities – order is chaos and chaos is order – absolutely non-transparent. Don’t talk with me about emotion, said Father. Decadence is extreme, said Šurki. Body is obsolete, said Stelarc. Tatoos are self-mutilations, self-creations, identifications. Little man holds the the world on his shoulders. If he makes it the future might survive. Or else…

22.00: presentation of two types of tactile interfaces - Stefan Doepner and Borut Savski. (more on interfaces = tehno-praxis)


22.30: Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež – Videotrakt (a video digestive system).

Photos by Miha Koron


Wednesday, 17. june  2015

21.00: Neven Korda – Urbanistic autonomy (audiovisual narrative)

Performance is part of a series of political performances includingResponsability (Odgovornost), Who (Kdo), Case Metelkova (Primer Metelkova), Northwest of Southeast (Severozahodno od jugovzhoda),Post burial Feast (Sedmina). It is about yelling, intolerant statements, stuttering in the multi-interfacial surroundings.

Main points:
- it is necessary to follow how the heterenomy is managed within the territory, and how the authonomy is practiced on the outside. Meaning – to correct the current mayor, Kapa and Škuc: Heteronomous from within, authonomous from without. This is AKC Metelkova city nad this city is under attack.

- AKC Metelkova city is the war zone between autonomy and independent alternative, between the NGO sector and the authentic activities.

- Autonomy is defined by authenticity (in oposition to the orchestration of others), different production of space. Autonomy is performed, and not legalized. Evaluation criterium is thus not the consequence of individual internal autonomous request of a particular activity, but the consequence of a broader request to keep the space autonomous.


22.00 : Boštjan Leskovšek: Random convergence; divergence of experience, or some cricketing…, Lina Rica (visualisations)

(poetry only in Slovene…)


Thursday, 18. june 2015

21.00:  Stefan Doepner, Boštjan Čadež and Dominik Mahnič -  minimalMacroMIDI²(sound-visual performance)

An audible space image based on reduction of input – minimal sound, macro image source, MIDI controlled speaker system and post-processing of that very MIDI data for pattern and motion generation.

With a slow flow approximation towards the complexity of our multichannel motion audio-visual system, in cooperation with Boštjan Čadez and Dominik Mahnič I will try to derive this audible space image from the striving particals of lost information.

technically a strange poetic possibility

strangely a possible technical poetry

possibly a poetic technical strangeness

after: party hours / festival closing-time

About Cultural Interfaces:

The framework topic is the so-called “cultural interfaces”, remembered from the text of new-media theorist Lev Manovich – Theory of Cultural Interfaces. The quality of text is in having a broad view on understanding of interfaces (as something that stands between us and the reality – and always there to represent reality). Since the interfaces always interpret the reality, they also determine/ define the culture – patterns of our understanding, behaviour and usages of things. So, between the reality and our perception, there is always a cultural interface, that more or less precisely mirrors the reality. It can even be that it distorts it – it serves lies or would-be realities (myths, preconceptions, ideology). Of course, we are interested in interfaces that are not mere reproductions of the prevalent cultural interfaces, but their transformations. We might even not deal with the truth – but maybe we do.

For our use, we understand cultural interfaces as limited to input-output controls and the interpreting systems/ surfaces, and the performative approaches. On the level of technical solutions of control surfaces – the approaches to controlling mechanisms, we tried to move away from the usual solutions. Our thesis is that cultural interfaces dictate the human (and individual’s) culture, so, in order to move away from the prevalent culture, you need to adapt the interpreting interfaces.

Areas of festival activities will be preparation of technology and immediate use of it in the various artistic sound and visual approaches. We invited international individuals, that have the technical knowledge, and/or the ability to provide an artistic concept that takes up a form of specific performance.

In the first week we intend to do intensive completion of preparations and in the second week (and even before) a series of artistic interventions.

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