techno projects 2014

For 2014 projects we used the following systems:

1.) Two 15 meter rows of 15 small loudspeakers via relays controlled by MIDI – devised and built by Boštjan Leskovšek (helped by Borut Savski – electronics, Boštjan Čadež – programming)

– 15 pins on arduino UNO used with  transistor switches to open one of 15 relays. Relays’ output switches connected to power amplifier to switch on the selected loudspeaker (we decided to switch on only one loudspeaker at any moment – to not to overload the amplifier).

Project is here

2.) Two swivelSpeakers – a medium sized loudpeaker on an XY stepper motor positioning system controlled by MIDI – devised by Stefan Doepner (Stefan – modeling and mechanical works; Borut Savski and Boštjan Čadež – electronics and programming)

– two-axis coordinate system to position the loudspeaker in any direction

Project is here

There were some other projects made for occasi0n of SpaceOfTime festival (walking bass, plexi bass) and some of the Stefan’s moving platforms used (noiseBot).



3.) The combined system of sound sources nade midi-control data was able to run with Pure Data implementation of a MIDI client-server system devised by Borut Savski.

Project is here