Welcome to ATT/AND Rijeka – abandon normal devices fair!Dobrodošli na ATT/AND Rijeka – Semenj umetniških orodij!

Published on January 30th, 2016


access to tools fair – att @and Rijeka

“Instead of optimizing our machines for humanity, we are optimizing humans for machinery.”
— Douglas Rushkoff

We are HAPPY to announce a double-bill event:

5/6 february 2016 in Rijeka and 9 february 2016 in Ljubljana at Cirkulacija²!


Participants in Ljubljana: Paula Pin ( Spain), Dmitry Morozov (Russia),  Radiona (Croatia), Nataša Muševič, Robertina Šebjanič, Boštjan Čadež, Dominik Mahnič, Borut Savski (all Slovenia), Stefan Doepner (Germany/Slovenia)…

C0\P/roduced by Aksioma -> facebook event

Access to tools and knowledge that new communication technologies will bring about was at the root of what the techno-hippies of the 70s were declaring. Half a century later the reality is not quite such. People have been reduced to mere users of “user friendly” technologies – technologies to be used and not understood. Appropriating, dismantling and creatively reinventing these “tools” is the only way to resist their biases, and ultimately to understand them. Open source-code is the key to knowledge and the unlocking of technologies.

The event is in conjunction with AND Fair Rijeka, that will happen on 5–6 February 2016 at Filodrammatica gallery in Rijeka, organized by Drugo more (HR) in collaboration with Aksioma and Abandon Normal Devices (UK).

Rijeka situation:

Drugo More
facebook event

In Rijeka, apart from Cirkulacija 2 and Radiona, there will be local artists and enthusiasts presenting their work.  From UK, the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) festival/partner will bring 5-6 artists/projects from different parts of Europe  (there is also a project from Korea that recognizes face forms from “looking” at clouds)…

Fair in Rijeka will open on Friday, 5th February at 5 pm. We plan to start with the half an hour project presentations at 6 pm (altogether 10 presentations), and then at 11 pm Radiona will start with the concert with their devices. On Saturday the fair starts at 10 am and begins with the second round of presentations between 11-12. Performances with devices start from around 8 pm.

Formatting: the fair is planned as a FAIR, with tables and stands where everyone can display their projects and interact with visitors. To add more dynamic to the whole event, occasional spotlight and/or microphone gives a participant an opportunity to present his/her project(s) so they could be in focus at that moment. No stage in Rijeka! Presentations can be up to 25 minutes long, but also much shorter than that. They can talk about the idea, the process of construction, show how it works… in other words, it doesn’t have to be in any way different from the moment when a visitor approaches to you and asks you about your project and how it works! So, it can be pretty informal and relaxed, without any stress.

IMG_6456IMG_6443 IMG_6435IMG_6434 IMG_6374DSC02775 DSC02769DSC02766 DSC02761DSC02753 CAM01360CAM01378CAM01372CAM01361


Ljubljana situation:

Takes place starting from 5pm on Tuesday 9th february 2016 at Cirkulacija², Tobačna 5. The place will be heated! In Ljubljana we will have one day of presentation and a performance final party in the night.

The Access to Tools Fair is dedicated to exploring how technologies create new forms of social dialogue. The fair is a new media art and performative event inspired by AND Fair, first proposed in 2014 by Abandon Normal Devices for the AND festival in Liverpool where, much like the World Fairs of old, inventors could showcase new inventions and discoveries. The aim is to create a “Device Based Fair / Event,” a Temporary Autonomous Zone where experimental products (goods?) are exhibited and exchanged, new relationships are established, and audiences learn from the creators and are introduced to new products.
Artworks and technology will be on display at several stands, and visitors will be able to experiment and interact with them. The authors will be available at all times for explanations, help, demonstrations, consultancy and knowledge exchange, and they might even try to demystify and open up the black box of technology.

Details – The Devices  on Display (DDDD):

Synthomir by Igor Brkić, Damir Prizmić (Radiona, Zagreb)SYNTHOMIR

is 8-bit Arduino based open-source DIY synth by RADIONA.ORG. During the fair in Cirkulacija 2 the authors will prepare a workshop! Make your own Synthomir!! It only takes 4 to 5 hours of your back!!! Number of participants is limited!!!! Contact sonjagrdina@gmail.com.

More info at:
Source code:

Radiona / Makerspace – Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture has been founded in order to enhance the visibility of makers’ open source culture and self sustainable production, as well as with an aim of connecting all possible fields of art, science and technology. The objective here is to create new realities of networked and collaborative intermedia and new media practices in line with world trends such as DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others). Radiona.org focuses its activities on education, research processes, artistic projects, curatorial practices, international and domestic inter-sector collaborations, renewable systems and social awareness related issues…

Borut Savski /Cirkulacija2 will bring most of the small arduino systems/ gadgets:

1. Cirkulino midi sequencer (interface for time and pitch sequencing with enhanced functionality)
2. XGMidi synth module with LCD to play XG midi voices
3. Moire generator of visual moire effect with high power LEDs
4. Wardenclyffe Tower sensorized sound generating piece (raspberry pi and arduino)

and maybe:
5. Bride’s Harp (rubber strings)

Together with Stefan the C2 positioned sound system:

1. A couple of IBalls wireless midi controllers with XYZ sensors
2. 2 pieces of XY positioned loudspeakers
3. A couple of IBalls wireless sensors to be used with computer

paula pin Pechblenda Lab . presentation

+ presentation of the HardGlam serie: diy tools for gynecological explorations

+ performance


Boštjan Čadež

Projection Scanner

is a MIDI controlled mirror which allows one to redirect the projection to any position in an area constrained by a cylinder shape. Its advantage over similar platforms is that it allows continuous rotation in one of the axes. it consists of 3d printed mechanics and a controller board based around a Teensy 3 microcontroller board.


Robertina Šebjanič
presents her DIY hydrophones.
She invites you to fish for the underwater sounds in the waters of Rijeka and Ljubljana!

Aquatic  reminiscence, features underwater sound recordings, collected in rivers and seas (Donau in Linz, Adriatic sea and  Norwegian Sea ). With experimental DIY hydrophones recorded underwater field recordings are imbued live during the performance into a new sound waves landscape.

Dmitry vtol Morozov

builds synths, …


Nataša Muševic Dot

Fair: Sonorose
Nataša Muševič Dot will be presenting her latest experimental research project Sonorose (with Zavod Rampa) during which she intents to investigate the possibility of developing a zero-distortion organic shaped speaker based on the topology of flowers. Bionic acoustics being the main field, the author experiments with developing phase plugs and speaker driver surface that would enable all different sound wavelengths to sum up more accurately than on conventional drivers. Speakers shaped like flowers will be 3d modeled based on the acoustic properties of different sound wavelengths. The author opens up the debate and invites the observers to think about which flower would suit as the origin for a perfect speaker and why. She will exhibit her organic shaped speakers built until now and showcase the importance of bionic shapes used for sound.


Dominik Mahnič

DIY LED and laser dia-projectors

Mahnič will present his development on different mobile, low cost hand dia-projectors and possibility of use.


Stefan Doepner / Cirkulacija2

1. sonicPartner – autonomous driving robot platform with bluetooth soundsystem
2. midiRegister – a 8 fader MIDI interface, inspired by pipe organ registers, with MIDI editing
3. stringBaton – 2 models of a simple made one string guitar with relay-coil pick up
4. forceBoard – a 8 force/pressure sensor MIDI interface for synthesizer and computer.

DSC02654DSC02658 DSC02651DSC02663

Together with Borut the C2 positioned sound system:
1. A couple of IBalls wireless midi controllers with XYZ sensors
2. 2 pieces of XY positioned loudspeakers
3. A couple of IBalls wireless sensors to be used with computer


sejem dostop do orodij – att / sdo

“Namesto da bi prilagajali naprave za človeka, prilagajamo človeka za naprave.”
— Douglas Rushkoff

Napovedujemo razcepljeni dogodek:

5/6 februarja 2016 v Reki in 9 februarja 2016 v Ljubljani v Cirkulaciji²!


Sodelujoči v Ljubljani: Paula Pin (Španija), Dmitri Morozov (Rusija), Radiona (Hrvaška), Nataša Muševič, Robertina Šebjanič, Boštjan Čadež, Dominik Mahnič, Borut Savski (vsi Slovenija), Stefan Doepner (Nemčija/Slovenija)…

K0\P/rodukcija Aksioma -> facebook event

Če so tehno-hipiji v 70-ih letih prejšnjega stoletja z novimi digitalnimi tehnologijami komunikacij napovedovali povečan dostop do znanja in orodij, pa se zdi, da pol stoletja kasneje realnost ne kaže čisto takšne podobe. Ljudje so degradirani na uporabnike “uporabniku prijaznih” tehnologij, narejenih za to, da se uporabljajo, ne pa razumejo. Prilaščanje, razstavljanje in ustvarjalno predelovanje je edini način, da se upreš njihovi mainstreamovski determinanti – uporabniški naravnanosti – in jih v končni fazi razumeš. Ideja odprte kode je ključ do znanja in odklepanja tehnologij.

Dogodek poteka v navezavi s sejmom AND Fair (“abandon normal devices”) Rijeka, ki bo potekal 5–6 februarja 2016 v galeriji Filodrammatica na Rijeki in ga organizira Drugo more (HR) v sodelovanju z Aksioma in Abandon Normal Devices (UK).

Rijeka situacija:

Drugo More
facebook event

Poleg Cirkulacije 2 in  Radione bodo s svojimi deli sodelovali tudi lokalni umetniki in ljubitelji. Iz Velike Britanije bo festivalski partner AND (Abandon Normal Devices) pripeljal 5-6 umetnikov/ projektov z različnih koncev Evrope in celo enega iz Koreje (južne)…

Sejem na Rijeki se bo začel v petek , 5. februarja ob 5 uri popoldne.  Sestavljen bo iz kratkih polurnih predstavitev od 6 dalje (skupaj 10 predstavitev), ob 11 uri pa bo imela Radiona koncert z njihovimi napravami. V soboto se sejem začne ob 10 dopoldne – z drugim krogom predstavitev med 11-12. Performensi z napravami se začnejo po 8 uri zvečer.

Splošni format predstavitve je SEJEM, z mizami in stojnicami kjer gostujoči razstavijo svoje projekte in neposredno komunicirajo z obiskovalci. Za malo več dinamike, občasno luč  osvetli posamezno stojnico in razstavljalec lahko predstavi  svoj projekt. V Rijeki ne bo odra! Predstavitve lahko trajajo do 25 minut, raje še manj. Lahko se spregovori o idejah, procesu gradnje, predstavi način delovanja… –  enako, kot če se stvar predstavlja posameznemu obiskovalcu. Brez komplikacij!

IMG_6456IMG_6443 IMG_6435IMG_6434 IMG_6374DSC02775 DSC02769DSC02766 DSC02761DSC02753 CAM01360CAM01378CAM01372CAM01361


Ljubljana situacija:

V torek, 9. februarja 2016 in poteka v Cirkulaciji², Tobačna 5. Veliki prostor bo ogrevan! V Ljubljani bo sejem enodnevni dogodek s predstavitvami in zvečer s performensi.

Sejem ArtTools je posvečen raziskovanju tega, kako tehnologije ustvarjajo nove oblike družbenega dialoga. Gre za novomedijsko performativno prireditev po vzoru nekdanjih svetovnih razstav. Cilj je ustvariti “na napravah temelječo prireditev”, začasno avtonomno cono, kjer se razstavljajo in izmenjujejo eksperimentalni izdelki (blago?), vzpostavljajo novi odnosi, obiskovalci pa se učijo od ustvarjalcev in spoznavajo nove proizvode. Sejem je novomedijski in performativni dogodek kot so ga zasnovali leta 2014 Abandon Normal Devices za festival AND v Liverpoolu. Avtorji bodo ves čas na voljo za pojasnila, pomoč, demonstracije, svetovanje in izmenjavo znanj, tako da bodo lahko ljudje bolje razumeli naprave, jih morda celo demistificirali in s tem odprli črno škatlo tehnologije.

Detajli – Naprave na Ogled (DNNO):

Synthomir – Igor Brkić, Damir Prizmić (Radiona, Zagreb)

8-bitni odprtokodni arduino DIY synth. Med sejmom v Cirkulaciji 2 bosta avtorja pripravila delavnico izdelave Sintomirja! Predvidoma traja 4 do 5 ur, število ueležencev omejeno – kontakt: sonjagrdina@gmail.com.


Sintomir lahko deluje kot:
— ritem mašina
— optični teremin
— basovski synth

minimalne kontrole:
— fotoupor
— tipka
— potenciometer

Več na:
Programska koda:

Radiona / Makerspace – Društvo za razvoj ‘naredi sam/ do-it-yourself’ kulture je bilo ustanovljeno z namenom povečati prisotnost odprtokodne izdelovalne kulture in uvajanja principov samoohranitve takšne produkcije, ter povezovanja vseh možnih področij umetnosti, znanosti in tehnologije. Cilj je ustvariti nova polja povezanih sodelovalnih intermedijskih in novomedijskih dejavnosti na način DIY (naredi-sam) and DIWO (do-it-with-others; naredi skupaj z drugimi).

Borut Savski /Cirkulacija2 bo pokazal večino malih arduino sistemov/ naprav, zgrajenih za različne namene:

1. Cirkulino midi sequencer z novimi funkcionalnostmi
2. XGMidi synth modul z LCD zaslonom in kontrolami  XG midi samplov
3. Moire generator vizualnega moire efekta z močnimi LED
4. Wardenclyffe Tower senzorski zvočni instrument (raspberry pi in arduino)

mogoče še:
5. Nevestina harfa / Bride’s Harp (z elastikami kot strunami in arduino kot senzorski kontroler)

Skupaj s Stefanom sistem C2 za pozicioniranje zvoka z brezžičnimi senzorskimi napravami:

1. IBalls krogle brezžični midi kontrolerji z XYZ senzorji
2. Dva XY premična zvočnika
3. Mala IBalls brezžična krogla za uporabo z računalnikom

paula pin Pechblenda Lab

+ predstavitev HardGlam serije: naredi-sam orodja za ginekološke raziskave

+ performens


Boštjan Čadež

Skener za projektor
je ogledalce,ki se ga krmili z midi podatki. Projekcijo lahko usmerimo marsikam po prostoru. Prednost pred drugimi izvedbami je v tem, da je vrtenje v horizontalni osi neomejeno. Sestavlja ga mehanika izdelana s 3D tiskalnikom  in elektronika z mikrokontrolerjem Teensy 3.


Robertina Šebjanič
predstavlja njene
DIY hidrofone (podvodne mikrofone). Vabi nas, da se z njo podamo na lov za podvodnimi zvoki  v vodah Rijeke in Ljubljane!
+ performens

Vodni spomini je instalacija, pri kateri slišimo zvočne posnetke, nabrane v rekah in morjih (Donava v Linzu, Jadransko morje in Norveško morje). Nalovljene podvodne posnetke bo uporabila v živo za slikanje nove zvočne krajine.

Dmitry vtol Morozov

gradi synthe, …


Nataša Muševic Dot

Nataša Muševič Dot bo predstavila njen najnovejši projekt imenovan Sonorose (Zvočna roža; z zavodom Rampa) pri katerem raziskuje uporabo organske oblike (topologija cveta) za uporabo pri zvočnikih, s katero bi bila popačenja nična. V polju t.i. akustične bionike experimentira z oblikami, ki bi bolje kot doslej omogočile, da se različne valovne dolžine v zvoku bolje seštevajo. Zvočne rože so izdelane  s 3D tiskalnikom. Obiskovalci so vabljeni, da ocenijo katera roža zveni bolje, in zakaj.


Dominik Mahnič

DIY LED in laserski dia-projektorji

Mahnič bo predstavil kolekcijo različnih prenosnih in poceni  ročnih dia-projektorjev in možne uporabe.


Stefan Doepner / Cirkulacija2

1. sonicPartner – avtonomni premični robot z bluetooth brezžično povezavo z zvočnim virom
2. midiRegister – MIDI vmesnik z 8 kontrolami, ki jemlje navdih pri registrih cerkvenih orgel; z nastavitvami MIDI formata
3. stringBaton – 2 modela preprostih enostrunskih kitar s pickup-i narejenih iz relejev
4. forceBoard – MIDI klaviatura z osmimi dotičnimi mesti občutljivimi na moč pritiska; za uporabo s sintetizatorjem ali računalnikom.

DSC02654DSC02658 DSC02651DSC02663

Skupaj z Borutom predstavi C2 sistem za pozicioniranje zvoka:
1. Veliki IBALLS brezžični senzorji
2. 2 kosa zvočnikov,ki se obračata v XY oseh
3. Mali iballs brezžični senzor za uporabo z računalnikom