2012: Noise as metaphor | Zagreb

Cirkulacija 2 in Zagreb, 7. june 2012 – 14. june 2012
Location: Močvara gallery
Coproduction: Cirkulacija 2 & Kontejner & Močvara

Just after the completed project – we are extremely satisfied with the results (and processes) and would like to thank everybody involved!

So-far, this was our most fruitful experience – also on the level of the gallery space, the help and trust provided/ given by the gallery Pogon Jedinstvo, Močvara and the coproducer Kontejner.

Kontejner girlz (Tereza, Ivana and Ena) provided exemplary support  before and during the project.

The Jedinstvo gallery is huge but not overstuffed with cranes and equipment. The basic equipment was superb for our needs. We could comfortably organize the space with objects, projections and working situation. The working situation was symbolically composed as circle in the middle of the space – with various additions to it for extra projects (Azot, IMM, ueber V.K.).

Again it was proved that one needs the support of local scene – if one deals with any kind of social structures. The IMM Media Lab people and Azot group added to the project with their participation. While the sacred wish was to include the local artists as constituent part of the project, this did not happen. Mostly on account of time economy of the people from Zagreb (home is always the “normalized” situation – everyday life demands).

The workshops as part of communication activities mostly remained a potentiality – except on Sunday. However, the potentialities are possibilities that can – but do not have to – pop-up.

Another such potentiality was the discoursive event on Sunday, which was supposed to shed some light on the conceptual reasons for such a project (the personal historical flashbacks and the potential different views). A decision to force the event to realisation was not made – not enough visitors at the time to provide the event with some basic social economy.

Azot performance on Monday was totally regular on aesthetic level. But it was quite clear that it was a performance of a group/ a band. In the descriptive words of horizontal / vertical coordinate system – it was a vertical addition. Vertical and horizontal are not qualitative definitions but descriptive ones.

IMM Media Lab participation on tuesday was different, since they brought a number of objects that were scattered over the gallery. Their participation was much bolder – claiming the space. In my view (Borut) this was a horizontal addition to the project.

Neven Korda had a performance just before the tuesday IMM intervention.  It was half-way over until visitors registered it. As a tipically vertical intervention by one-man-band it would need the necessary introductory flow to bring it to the ritual level of artistic performance. But this at the time was impossible – the forcing of it would kill all the lively activities around the place.

ueber V.K. (300.000 V.K. and two people from C2) on wednesday was predictably a very vertical cut. A concert with dramaturgy and all the (classic) rituals associated with it. As such it stood out and this was very clear to both participants and visitors who experienced also some of the other days.

Borut’s conclusion would be that horizontal approaches bring in some very satisfactory communal feelings – also for the visitors. The aestethic output is not that important. There is a clear distinction between the vertical cuts and the horizontal approaches. Vertical cuts are made to force the gaze (and ear), the horizontal are less demanding – the gaze (and ear) can be fragmented. There is a difference also on the level of participants’ and visitors’ evaluation. Evaluation (the piece was good, the band played ok,… etc.) also to a large extent belongs to vertical interventions. In horizontal interventions it can be variously good or bad – not at all necessary for individual to evaluate immediately. In horizontal situations thing can happen (but do not have to) – in vertical they are set to happen (and they must). The dictate of conventional is heavy.

There is also the big question of where is art. While it is clear that vertical interventions play the “art game” conventionally – this is not the case with horizontal interventions. The tools and expressions can be the same but the concept is totally different. The most simple answer can be that art is the horizontal platform itself. This of course was envisioned years ago – that’s why the title  Total art platform.

Participants: Boštjan Leskovšek, Stefan Doepner, Jakob Harisch, Lars Vaupel, Boštjan Čadež, Slavko Glamočanin, Neven Korda, Borut Savski and colleagues from Zagreb:  Azot, Ivan Marušić Klif,  I’MM_ Media lab and as special guests: 300.000 V.K.

AZOT – bio
Lars Vaupel_en
NEVEN KORDA_short_slo
300.000 V.K.

Topic/ concept: NOISE (broadly: Noise as Metaphor; practically: as part of aesthetic forms & expressions)

As practical concept this means basic approach on the level of SOUND, which should be communicative enough, to attract the larger attention and participation of artists and people from Zagreb. But the broader level of NOISE should allow for various artistic interventions, since it is futile to localize ourselves by the aesthetic form which would lessen the potential of cooperation. The mingling of the people and the exchange between them through different aesthetic practices and personal motives is the real aim of the project.

To this one could add also the broader sense of the “open source code” metaphore – as a way to create a common discourse that after time produces the “conventional reality” – or the convention itself. But we should be able to create these definitions ourselves – to start the discourse from the zero point – meaning that almost nothing is yet fully agreed upon and that the new convention does not exist yet. Which may not be entirely true, since the conventions are patterns – they get layered one upon the other – and overlayed, and the existing convention regarding the NOISE is (in the existing convention) arranged in such a way that the value of NOISE metaphor is very low or not even existing – zero.

As for SOUND the level of acceptance is a little better – so this is our starting point.

Cirkuacija 2 have lately had some events formulated as SOCIAL NOISE SESSION,  which means a combined holistic concept of human relationship, socializing, organisation on the level of real-timecommunication – all this should transcend the passive exhibition type of presentation and introduce an active human social platform. Anything that is achieved in this communal way is treated as result of the intelect, of human inteligence – and what cannot be achieved in this way – is simply: the opposite.

In such an active situation what suffers the most is the synchronisation of the outside participants – the public – since it does not exist the precise dictate of the program (program is a dictate for the active participants, but for the outside participants it is the necessity to plug in…). This means that some programming should be performed beforehand, but at the same time allow for improvicsation & adaptation – bcause the mean  “life”, the living moment.

Basic programmation should be made clear before the beginning, so that the public and media can be informed on time.

– concert, performance
– presentation, debate
– workshop
– dinner

Aesthetic expressions/ forms and technologies

The large space in Močvara has to be filled up with content. In visual field this will be the light sources (different projectors, lasers  – all with various approaches in the manner of  NOISE concept – basically: cybernetic/ interactive/ generative principles). Some connected to computers as sources, some in more “analog” manner. Cirkulacije 2 members will beforehand prepare some mobile sound  platforms (autonomous mobile loudspeakers), which would add some dynamically varying interaction with the resonant gallery space and “mobilisation” of sound (sound is moving; sound is mobile…). In this directions some things will be made with projecting directional loudspeakers. All this will be prototype systems and some further development/ “tuning” will be part of exhinition. But not exclusivelly – all must be “alpha” ready.

Technical equipment:

This is the technical equipment available at the POGON space http://www.upogoni.org/korisnik/resursi/oprema/

We bring basic sound system with us. It is somehow specific and sufficient for our needs but maybe not for everybody.

We need some videoprojectors. We bring two, Bostjan Cadez brings another two/ three.

Tables, chairs. More chairs for public debates. Tables for preparing food and for eating, etc.

Butan gas 10 kg bottle for cooking and another smaller 5 kg bottle.

Extra info:

Kontejner -> http://www.kontejner.org/

Internet connection in the galleray is available. On monday we will connect to Radio Student Ljubljana directly. We can “stream” some sequential photos quite often.

I’MM Media Lab info

I’MM will play with theremins, oscillators, soundboxes, DIY sound machines, mini solar devices, wearables, arduino based gadgets, computer trash parts, etc…
Soundz: Andro Giunio, Ivo Korečić, Ana Horvat, Maja Kalogjera, Tin Dozić, Igor Brkić, Ksenija Ladić, Matija Vojvodić;
Bio-installation: Gjino Šutić;
VJ-ing: Tanja Minarik; Minimal electronics: Hrvoje Spudić;
Baltazar Bicikloscilator: Ivan Jovanovac;
Tesla related networking: Davor Jadrijević Emard;
Curator & organizer: Deborah Hustić
Come, play with us and get your hands dirty!


300.000 V.K.
Historically: one of the by-products of Laibach – “the noise section”. For this event: C2 +  300.000 V.K. = ueber V.K. (Dejan Knez, Stefan Doepner, Tomo Božič, Urška Lipovž, Boštjan Leskovšek).

300.000 V.K. on youtube http://www.youtube.com/artist?a=SAXHfnJ_7qQ


FRI, 8.june SAT, 9.june SUN, 10.june MON, 11.june TUE, 12.june WED, 13.june
>12.30 preparing;afternoon/ evening: meeting of all participants somewhere outside of Močvara >12.30 preparing;afternoon: the first dinner

>20.30 evening: Expanded Cirkulacija 2 opening performance

late-night session = social noise session

>12.30 workshop I: “joule-thieves” (Jakob Harisch and helpers);workshop II: “intro -> moving objects = robots, arduino based robotics, moving sound platforms; lasers” (Stefan Doepner, Lars Vaupel, Borut Savski) (almost in in parallel?)> 20.30 evening: Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski, Ivan Marušić Klif: Personal historic perspective on technology art, new media, art robotics, social aspects of art, cybernetic approaches, interactive, generative, etc. – roots in art;(Eighties, Nineties, 2000s=millenium bug)late-night session= social noise session >12.30 workshop I: “joule-thieves” – continue (Jakob Harisch and helpers);(workshops go on in parallel?);workshop II: “moving objects = robots; arduino based robotics, moving sound platforms; lasers – building up” (Stefan Doepner, Lars Vaupel, Borut Savski, etc.)>20.30 evening performance: Azot & Boštjan Čadež (excerpt on Vimeo)late-night session = social noise session >12.30 workshop:
“moving objects = robots; arduino based robotics, moving sound platforms; lasers – building up (Stefan Doepner, Lars Vaupel,  Borut Savski, etc.);(workshops go on in parallel?);>20.30 evening performances:
Neven Korda – “Severozahodno od jugovzhoda”I’MM_ Media lab social noise session (I’MM will play with theremins, oscillators, soundboxes, DIY sound machines, mini solar devices, wearables, arduino based gadgets, computer trash parts, etc…
Soundz: Andro Giunio, Ivo Korečić, Ana Horvat, Maja Kalogjera, Tin Dozić, Igor Brkić, Ksenija Ladić, Matija Vojvodić;
Bio-installation: Gjino Šutić;
VJ-ing: Tanja Minarik; Minimal electronics: Hrvoje Spudić;
Baltazar Bicikloscilator: Ivan Jovanovac;
Tesla related networking: Davor Jadrijević Emard;
Curator & organizer: Deborah Hustić
Come, play with us and get your hands dirty!
>12.30 workshops = production in space(& time;afternoon: the last dinner>21.00 closing performance: 300.000 V.K. + C2 -> “DARK SIDE OF EUROPE – TRANSMISSION 2012
after-hours = social noise session;


Photos by Boštjan Leskovšek, Sara Moritz, Stefan Doepner

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(Boštjan Perovšek, Marko Košnik, Borut Savski) + Alessandro Di Giampietro – Whatever you think I am that is what i’m not + Seppo Gruendler in Josef Klammer – Mali pribor | Kleines Besteck + Cirkulacija 2: Program 2017 + Preko vode do svobode v Kinu Šiška + Luka Prinčič: Razpoke vmesnika IF4Q + 2016 Duplerica: Boštjan Čadež “ROJ” in DivinaMimesis “AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ANIMAL” + Simfonija groze. Happy New Fear 2017! + RADART #7: RADAR NAD TOBAČNO + Zaprtje -> Dominik Mahnič – Kosi 2014-2016 + Robotanica at Robotica exhibition in Trieste + slikarska razstava -> Dominik Mahnič | Kosi 2014-2016 + John Duncan v C² ! + Simptomi meta mesta #37: Želja + Anyma na obisku v Cirkulaciji 2 + MC2=Ǝ / gibalna razstava + Neverjetno! 10 let Cirkulacije 2 + Herman & Savski: Vračnica in bali; druga javna vaja + Nina Dragičević: Parallellax release + V nedeljo se dobimo: Na stalnem naslovu najinega početja + Robotanica = C2 does Velenje + Herman & Savski: Vračnica in bali; prva javna vaja! + 3rd august 2016 : Niku Senpuki & Emerge, pavleisdead, Emerge & Neven M. Agalma + Atlas of Tremors v C2 + Zasavje NoiseFest 2016 v C2-labu! + Klima: Nedekadentni koncert? + DekaDANCE + Mike Hentz: Live Art as Research of Culture and Life + Announcing: Clime, decadence, human|machine + Introducing Mike Hentz + Event O5 in C² + In search of the simplicity lost + Urkuma in ROR v C² + April/ maj v Cirkulaciji 2 – uvod v antidekadenco + Sejem Dostop do orodij | Access to Tools + Welcome to ATT/AND Rijeka – abandon normal devices fair! + 2015 happy new fear 2016 – party on wires + Oscar Martin: Extreme Atractors at C2 + Jesenski odmevi Hrup smo mi: Dušan Zidar + Jesenski odmevi Hrup smo mi: Arturas Bumšteinas + Predstavitev C2 tehnologij na #MTFCentral + šmarnica in cvičk v C2: N’toko in Igor Vuk + Cirkulacija 2: Showcase 0.3 = prigodna razstava preteklih in prihodnjih del in opravil + Noise is Us::Cultural Interfaces + Strictly Analog 3# in Svetlobna Gverila v Tobačni & C² + RADART #6 :: RADAR RIZOM :: 4 LETA PLATFORME RADAR + Ars ac²ustic²a -> ART’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, 16. januar 2015 + 2014 Happy New Fear! + Hrup smo mi: Prostor časa | Space Time + Microbot (Stelarc in Doepner) v Cirkulaciji² + C² – the opening of the new Cirkulacija 2 space + Smernice razvoja: Prostor časa + 2013 VELIKA POŽRTIJA – sobota 21. december ob 20.00 + Arduino praktikum = novodobni tehno intenziv + Dva ugrabljenca z MFRU: John Smith in Oscar Martin + C2 / Platforma za totalno umetnost: Tri socialne skulpture + Izjava Cirkulacije 2 – skupine začasnih uporabnikov Roga + Dark forest disko + Zvok organizma – Organizem zvoka + Fruity-Box (Karl Heinz Jeron v Cirkulaciji 2) + Taste of Vtol/ Okus Vtola + Redno letno srečanje ljubiteljev cirkulacije + 2012 Cirkulacija 2: pričetek predstavitev in delavnic Uvod v arduino v RogLabu + Multipla cirkulacija – socius urbis / otvoritev RogLaba + Interšmano = Cirkulacija 2 praznuje… + Sajeta 2012, tehnološke delavnice -> Združene sile C2_TO + Three mice: Cirkulacija 2, Konrad Gęca and Ana Raquel Pereira + Cirkulacija 2 in Zagreb – Močvara gallery, 9. -13. June 2012 + Total Noise Session #3 – Marcus Beuter = umetnost zvoka + v Cirkulaciji 2: Uvod v arduino + Kunst und Brot – Salon des Refusés 2012/1 + 2011 Drevo spoznanja in Hrupni robot v C2 + Total art platform at MFRU 2011 + trial version: Urbi et Orbi intervention – in your city, when the night comes… + Paralelni svetovi na Metelkovi + Cirkulacija 2 na Sajeti 2011 + Cirkulacija 2 na Svetlobni gverili + 42 let RŠ – platforma RADAR + Redundantne tehnologije – zbiralna akcija + Cirkulacija 2: Space is the Place + Indija v Cirkulaciji >< Cirkulacija v Indiji + 2010 Zvoki Cirkulacije 2 na Novem trgu v Ljubljani + Expanded Cirkulacija2 at PixxelPoint + C2_Kiblix_Mfru_Haip : Total Noise Session v Cirkulaciji 2 + Jesenski sadeži Cirkulacije 2 + Social Noise Session + C2 na Paralelnih svetovih na Metelkovi + Cirkulacija 2 at Sajeta 2010 + New media drivers feat. Cirkulacija 2 + Expanded Cirkulacija at Alkatraz – wrapping up + Expanded Cirkulacija at Alkatraz + Cirkulacija na Vstop prost v Celju + Cirkulacija 2 prejme Zlato ptico + Predstavitev Cirkulacije 2 v Novi Gorici + Cirkulacija 2: Pomladanski zvitki in Mehki zvoki naveličanosti + Cirkulacija 2 gosti vegetarijanko, aktivistko, umetnico, glasbenico in galeristko Reni Hofmueller + 2009 Cirkulacija 2 na Netart Community Convention v Grazu + javno snemanje: Analogična kompozicija + Reality show – “voice-noise karaoke” + Moška umetnost / Male art + CIRKULACIJA 2 na festivalu SAJETA pri Tolminu + Prostor zvoka = telo zvoka + Cirkulacija 2 in Antikonzum + Netart – krompir v žerjavici + 2008 Cirkulacija 2: Vladavina Konzuma + Majda Gregorič v Muzeju premoderne umetnosti + Transpozicije prostorov na Paralelnih svetovih + Odprta Cirkulacija 2 + Cirkulacija na koruzi / Dario Seraval v Brlogu + Napoved: Cirkulacija pod pritiskom + Elektro / Elektra + Zvočenja v Cirkulaciji 2 + Novi okusi Cirkulacije 2 + Video: Kerber nezavednega + Kerber nezavednega in druge zgodbe + Okus Cirkulacije 2 – st. 3 + Video: Event C + Čisto običajen večer v Cirkulaciji 2 + Totalna razprodajna razstava umetnosti + Event C: Taljenje umetnosti v dogodek + Hobotnica s polento + Brlog + 2007 Rotirajoči dogodek v Cirkulaciji 2 + BRLOG + Predstavitev Trivia Records / Zapisi v Cirkulaciji 2 + Razbita lepota, Broken beauty + Reanimacija Cirkulacije + CIRKULACIJA 2 v tovarni Rog nadaljuje + Boj se kreativnosti oblastnikov! + INTERDISCIPLINARNA POSTAJA