Radharani Pernarčič & Cirkulacija 2: INVAINTIONS OF CASTRO FIK ARKA

On Tuesday. 13th April 2021 at 19.00 in Cirkulacija 2 | Ajdovščina subway Ljubljana -> the second opening of exhibition: Radharani Pernarčič & Cirkulacija 2 – INVAINTIONS OF CASTRO FIK ARKA.In view of the recent covid blockade, the exhibition is to be prolonged to 20th April 2021 – to compensate for the current cultural vacuum!

Radharani Pernarčič admits the ultimate authorship to Castro Fik Arka – the ambitious genius who invents unusual devices and does groundbreaking researches in fields of anthropology, paleontology, astrophysics, biology, archeology, art, etc.

Radharani Pernarčič & Cirkulacija 2

– natural and man-made –

(coLECTION of the original Castro Fik Arka’s works, enriched with
inventions of his scholars, followers, fans,
zinc and uranium
in the seventh house)

25.3.2021– 20.4.2021;
Cirkulacija 2
(Ajdovščina subway, Ljubljana)

The present interdisciplinary installation is an upgrade of Radharani Pernarčič’ prior exhibition Invaintions and with-drawings of Castro Fik Arka (Layerjeva hiša, Kranj, 2020) – this time in cooperation with authors of Cirkulacija2. The unique cosmos, a sort of a »time machine«, built of sculptures, drawings, sketches, calculations, photos, texts etc., now reaches an extra dimension and a motor by multimedia devices and approaches. In fact, Radharani Pernarčič admits the ultimate authorship to Castro Fik Arka – the ambitious genius who invents unusual devices and does groundbreaking researches in fields of anthropology, paleontology, astrophysics, biology, archeology, art etc. In a role of his curator she ensures that his works see the light of day. The current museum collection makes emphasis on Castro’s wide influence on new generations of scientists and inventors: by presenting the works of Castro’s most promising scholars and followers from the circle of the so called ‘cirkulacia school’, his legacy also becomes visible in ever more sophisticated inventions of his successors.

The spectator is embraced by weird phenomena, technological inventions, narratives and interpretational models, which intertwined with banal human impulses walk on a thin line between reality and nonsense. The proximity to actual knowledge mixed with imaginative/false data are there to remind us that human world is above all a social construct, a product of symbolic thinking – far from self-evident. And more so, that the creativity is an inherent propensity of all living, not only humans. The installation is thus a subtle critique of technocratic society, a satiric comment on science-as-religion, academia, ideology of control, individual authorship of ideas/knowledge, and on ways of legitimizing or discrediting the reality. In times when only reliability of scientific methods is widely promoted, this witty installation displayes science as a complex production field: a processual whirlpool of findings, personal resentments, rival competitions, dogmas, positioning, curiosity, mistakes, false believes, doctrines, levers of power, information and contra-information, access to finances, publications, acknowledgment, denial, courage … Or, with Castro Fik Arka’s words: “Ego is a lousy scientist and author, yet, it is a brilliant material, though!”

The opening will be accompanied by an eager discussion on family background of Castros’ researches, held by the leading experts on Fik Arka’s legacy:

Rahdarana Bernarčič-Permanentič


Viktor Žiga Mumomakić

(by demand the discussion will be continued during the time of the exhibition
and shall reach the peak at the closing with Wi-Fight)

The museum team expresses a sincere thanks to the vice-chairman of the Scientific council for Castro’s researches (SCCR), Sanja Simić,
and to all who have contributed to the presentations and understanding of Castro’s works: Zala Orel, Juš Škraban, Alexander Pečnik, Boža Krajcer, Ajda Tomazin, Ivan Antić, Mitja Novak, DISCOllectiv, Mare Bulc, Ilona Jerič, Grafos d.o.o. etc.

Still fresh:

abeceda = Young researchers, Basic form and Series Here

January covid intensive in Cirkulacija 2 -> Mladi raziskovalci III.  Tobija Hudnik – equilibrium as insta_bility (eng.: Young researchers) now appears publicly. In the current manner of confrontations it is entitled Against the dictatorship of noise.

In the current manner of neverending series the closing session was cut into multiple parts – every thursday at 20.00 a new part unveiled! Do not miss any!

Orientation at https://abeceda.io/Mladi-Raziskovalci/

I. part _ [11.3.2021 at 20h] – if you missed the first part….

II. part _ [19.3.2021 at 20h] – if you missed the second part….

III. part _ [25.3.2021 at 20h] – if you missed the third part….

The residencies, concerts and performances cycle Mladi Raziskovalci (Young researchers) is an introduction of a selected younger generation artist into professional and research situations.

Artists selected for residency in 2020 was Tobija Hudnik [Equilibrium as Insta_bility].

More(=Less) at https://abeceda.io/Mladi-Raziskovalci/


Also available to the broad public is a parallel series of sunday recording sessions that continue from 2020 in the current year:

Neža Zupanc _ Osnovna oblika (eng.: Basic form)


Neža Zupanc _ Serija Tu (eng.: Series Here)

All(=Nothing) available at  https://abeceda.io/paradigma/

Cirkulacija 2 moto: Processes of production must continue!

A word by the co-producer:

Above is part of ”open channel”activities enabled by Cirkulacija 2 – in the role of an ”infrastructure node”. The selected participating producers are independent in their activities – as long the artistic methods and public presentations in their field (or in the intersection of different fields) will be exploratory and experimental. An additional moment is represented by the word abstract -> their artistic language will not be literal in the form and it will not resort to predictable levers for simple physical-mental-emotional evocation. On the contrary: that it will show the abundance of transferred meanings, which will go beyond the stylistic-artistic vocabulary and reach over the edge – enter into a socio-cultural reality.

Against the dictatorship of noise is, of course, a political outcry – a slogan. The word noise must be (re)defined beforehand, otherwise it refers to the existing definition. This definition can, of course, be literal (noise as aural violence: noise of engines, industry, media, politics), but it can also be defined in a more complex – figurative sense. As the latter, it has been present for decades as (sociologically) defined by Jacques Attali in his essay Noise: The Political Economy of Music; 1977. Noise is something that precedes music. Music always contains inextricably embedded social relations (which are exploitative in capitalism). The noise does not have such relations – it is “before” the music. Noise (in this sense) contains all the diversity of coexisting micro-societies / micro-cultures = subcultures – and in its common form does not allow for an unambiguous view / meaning. Therefore noise (bruit). Noise as life. In this sense, the slogan of Cirkulacija 2 from  five years ago: Noise is us! We are: pedestrians, cyclists. In this sense, there can be no equation noise = dictatorship. We claim the exactly opposite: dictatorship can only be music. Of course, if the opposite of noise is music.

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