Goran Tomčić – “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana” = participatorna umetnost

From 26th January to 8th February 2023 in Cirkulaciji 2, Ajdovščina subway Ljubljana – in the afternoons – with potential to develop into ecstatic evening = participatory art:

Goran Tomčić – “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana

Participatory art event “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana” will be held at Cirkulacija2 everyday from 26th January to 7th February. The participatory events hours are daily from 16:00 to 19:00. On Prešernov Day, 8th February, the accumulated participatory work will be presented as a site-specific installation.

Thousands of acrylic pompoms, fishing line, needles, and energy of the participants are awaiting the additional participants to join us in building a large site-specific installation “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana.” The participatory events hours are daily from 16:00 to 19:00Events organized around the project are developing daily, and all are public. During the events, the participatory work continues, making the whole space as an interconnected workshop. Except for the events already listed above, additional poetry readings, performances and other events will be added to the project and announced as soon as confirmed.


26.01. From 16:00 to 19:00 – Pompom Nets – Ljubljana – making, the migrants and refugees, together with the activists of Infokolpa will join us.

27.01. From 16:00 to 18:00 – Srebrno zlato projekt performance and participatory pompom nets making. Organised by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija.

30.01. From 16:00 to 19:00 – Jelena Oleami: Beading Seeding Dance – ritualno performativna izkušnja z Jeleno Oleami in sejalci.

31.01. From 17:00 to 19:00 – Rawley Grau, best known as a translator from Slovenian into English, will read from his and Christina E. Kramer recent translations of Aco Šopov poems.

In parallel: Pompom Nets Škofja loka -> https://www.loski-muzej.si/dogodki/odprtje-razstave-gorana-tomcica-pompom-mreze–pompom-nets-skofja-loka/

“Pompom Nets” is an ongoing participatory art research project. The issue of the research is a relational experiment, which allows the aesthetics of uncertainty. The project creates temporary installations and new ways of being associated.

The participation is a true collaboration in which everybody can become a co-researcher, or as another French philosopher, Jacques Rancière, suggests, an “activated spectator.” There is no privileged medium as there is no privileged starting point. Rancière implies that the politics of participation might best lie in putting to work the idea that we are all equally capable of inventing our own translations. Unattached to a privileged artistic medium, this principle doesn’t divide collaborators into active and passive, capable and incapable, but instead invite us all to appropriate the research for ourselves. Participatory art opens the minds up to a new ways of interaction and leaves the participants with new perceptions of the World.

Each station of this project brings something new to the project, which means I am open to challenges and new approaches. Each time I make this project I have several starting points and lots of unknowns, which is why I continue building the project.

The major first step of the every new situation of this project is to find ways to build and engage a diverse, local public. Right from the start, the project has attracted the involvement of many individuals, initiatives and institutions, and what I have learned throughout the process is that a community develops from working together in ways that transcend the limits of any one discipline or a desire. In this way, the research and practice of the project embodies the very notion of, as proposed by Bruno Latour, a “collective experiment,” which allows and thrives on the uncertainty. The project is constantly modified by what is learned from different experiments, while searching to produce and share the common knowledge.

The starting point has a few requirements:

  1. lots of acrylic pom poms, fishing line, needles, scissors
  2. A place where to make them. Ideally there are tables and chairs in the space. We have about two weeks at Cirkulacija.
  3. The participants. An idea is to have groups of 10 to 15 participants at one point of time, sewing pom pom on fishing lines for several hours. So daily I imagine having two different groups of participants.
  4. The lines which are made by participants become a part of a temporary installation. As more lines are made, at the end of each day they are added to the installation. The installation titled “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana ” will carry on and it will change shapes and forms and will be shown in inside and outside spaces until I leave Ljubljana.
  5. So much can happen during the participatory part, I leave this to the participants, they might have a conversation, sing, perform, challenge the project, they might want to wear them, the list is endless. But one thing is for sure, the softness of pompoms is very therapeutic, people love to touch them. The public also loves to talk about the meaning of participatory art and in general, art of today, and I am preparing lectures so I am ready and happy to talk about the issues around the project.
  6. Participants help and take initiative in setting up the installation both inside and outside

See more images of the project here — https://www.gorantomcic.com/pompom-nets

Concept here: http://www.cirkulacija2.org/wp-content/uploads/GoranTomcicPomPomNets.pdf

Goran Tomcic: https://www.gorantomcic.com/


2023 “Pompom Nets – Skofja Loka, Galerija Ivana Groharja, Skofja Loka, Slovenia, forthcoming
2023 “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana,” Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia, forthcoming
2022 “Pompom Nets – Cape Coast,” University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana
2022 “Pompom Nets – Venice Stories,” participatory project, Venice, Italy
2021 “Pompom Nets – Hvar Stories,” participatory project, Island Hvar, Croatia
2021 “Pompom Nets on Havel,” participatory project, Havel, Germany
2021 “Pompom Nets in Snow,” participatory project, Plötzensee, Berlin
2020 “Pompom Nets,” participatory project, Cais Palatifico Da Carrasquiera, Portugal
2020 “Pompom Nets,” participatory project, Hangar, Lisbon, Portugal
2018 “Pompom Nets: Growing Happiness,” participatory pompom project, Sucuraj, Croatia
2018 “Rainbow (Silver and Gold),” special project Symphony of the Seas,
cruise ship installation, Royal Caribbean, Miami, FL
2018 “Pompom Nets: Pompom Waterfall,” Vitrine 01, U-Bahnhof Birkenstraße, Berlin
2016 “Pompom Nets: Pompom Constellation,” special project at Context Art Fair, New York, NY
2015 “Pompom Sky,” Multimedijalni Kulturni Centar, Split, Croatia
2014 “Heart Strings,” Dimensions Variable, Miami, FL
2011 “Eternal Embrace,” Mali salon, MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia
2010 “Lose Something Every Day,” Kurt-Kurt, Berlin, Germany
2010 “Pompom Bouquet,” Galerie Adlergasse, Dresden, Germany
2010 “Without Words,” Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
2010 “Against My Heart,” Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany
2009 “Shimmering Heart (Gold), Rigo Gallery, Novigrad, Croatia
2009 “Passage,” Galerie Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig, Germany
2007 “Overlap,” The Windows at the Kimmel Center, NYU, New York, NY
2005 “Shimmering Heart (Silver),” Participant Inc., New York, NY
2004 “Kairos (Lost You Somewhere),” Raccoon Space, Queens, NY

Photo: Borut Savski

Photo by Goran Tomcic, “Pompom Nets – Ljubljana” at Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana, 26.01. – 08.02. 2023

Still fresh:

[fotozvočna instalacija] P L A T E AU R E S I D U E: Zaslonke v pokrajini

Correction: because of heavy weather forecast the opening of photosonic installation will be on friday, 20th January 2023 at 19.00 /in Cirkulacija 2 | underpass Ajdovščina Ljubljana/

P L A T E AU R E S I D U E: Apertures in the landscape

P L A T E AU R E S I D U E is an artistic tandem consisting of Eva Pavlič Seifert and Aljaž Celarc.

The exhibition questions the meaning of the material remains of the past eras, obscure technologies from the past and the process of nature returning to areas that have been changed by humans in the past with the help of technology. The atmospheric light and sound installation provides a unique sensory experience and acquaints the visitor with the obscure technical heritage of defensive structures in the abandoned and overgrown area of the Treaty of  Rapallo border.

The visitor enters the darkened space with special photophonic lamps that emit sound waves with the use of light, thereby changing the audio-visual narrative.

This is the transfer of the exhibition that was on display in November 2022 at the artKIT exhibition center in Maribor. Production of KIC Kibla.

Photo-sound installation will be open until 25th January 2023.

Photo: P L A T E AU R E S I D U E, Apertures in the landscape, 2022, black-white photo.

P L A T E AU R E S I D U E (Slovenian: Ostanek Planote) is the imaginary identity of the award-winning duo Aljaž Celarc (B.Sc. Geography [Faculty of Arts] and M.Sc. Photography [AKV St. Joost, NL]) and Eva Pavlič Seifert (B.Sc. Art .history [Faculty of Arts] and M.A. Visual Culture [Aalto University, FI]). In their works, they deal with landscape ecology and new media and seek new ways of raising public awareness. The starting point of their artistic production is video installations. In their works, they give voice to the project participants and collaborators, natural forms such as rocks, air, organisms and other aggregates of matter, which they reorganize into new unusual forms and new media systems. The tandem lives and works in Novi Kot, in the hinterland of the Goteniška gora and Snežnik forests.

They exhibited independently in the KiBela art space, the Flora Gallery in Dubrovnik, the Museum of Contemporary Art (+MSUM) in Ljubljana, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rijeka, the Miklova Hiša Gallery, the Šiška Cinema, the Božidar Jakac Gallery in Kostanjevica na Krka, Vžigalica Gallery, Monitor Gallery in Izmir, IMPAKT Festival, City Museum in Ljubljana, Switzerland and Kunstraum Kreuzberge/Bethanien in Berlin. They stayed at the Creative Center of Switzerland (MGLC) and took part in a residency at the V2 Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam. They received TESLA award.

Co-production: Cirkulacija 2 (Borut Savski and Miha Erjavec)

Exhibition in artKIT: http ://www.kibla.org/dejavnosti/artkit/2022/p-l-a-t-e-au-r-e-s-i-d-u-e-zaslonke-v-pokrajini/

Almost in parallel at the Small gallery of Cankarjeva dom -> from 18. january to 19. march 2023 – exhibition by the same authors -> P L A T E AU R E S I D U E: Terra Ignota

Foto: Janez Klenovšek

Events so-far:

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Agalma + Atlas of Tremors v C2 + Zasavje NoiseFest 2016 v C2-labu! + Klima: Nedekadentni koncert? + DekaDANCE + Mike Hentz: Live Art as Research of Culture and Life + Announcing: Clime, decadence, human|machine + Introducing Mike Hentz + Event O5 in C² + In search of the simplicity lost + Urkuma in ROR v C² + April/ maj v Cirkulaciji 2 – uvod v antidekadenco + Sejem Dostop do orodij | Access to Tools + Welcome to ATT/AND Rijeka – abandon normal devices fair! + 2015 happy new fear 2016 – party on wires + Oscar Martin: Extreme Atractors at C2 + Jesenski odmevi Hrup smo mi: Dušan Zidar + Jesenski odmevi Hrup smo mi: Arturas Bumšteinas + Predstavitev C2 tehnologij na #MTFCentral + šmarnica in cvičk v C2: N’toko in Igor Vuk + Cirkulacija 2: Showcase 0.3 = prigodna razstava preteklih in prihodnjih del in opravil + Noise is Us::Cultural Interfaces + Strictly Analog 3# in Svetlobna Gverila v Tobačni & C² + RADART #6 :: RADAR RIZOM :: 4 LETA PLATFORME RADAR + Ars ac²ustic²a -> ART’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, 16. januar 2015 + 2014 Happy New Fear! + Hrup smo mi: Prostor časa | Space Time + Microbot (Stelarc in Doepner) v Cirkulaciji² + C² – the opening of the new Cirkulacija 2 space + Smernice razvoja: Prostor časa + 2013 VELIKA POŽRTIJA – sobota 21. december ob 20.00 + Arduino praktikum = novodobni tehno intenziv + Dva ugrabljenca z MFRU: John Smith in Oscar Martin + C2 / Platforma za totalno umetnost: Tri socialne skulpture + Izjava Cirkulacije 2 – skupine začasnih uporabnikov Roga + Dark forest disko + Zvok organizma – Organizem zvoka + Fruity-Box (Karl Heinz Jeron v Cirkulaciji 2) + Taste of Vtol/ Okus Vtola + Redno letno srečanje ljubiteljev cirkulacije + 2012 Cirkulacija 2: pričetek predstavitev in delavnic Uvod v arduino v RogLabu + Multipla cirkulacija – socius urbis / otvoritev RogLaba + Interšmano = Cirkulacija 2 praznuje… + Sajeta 2012, tehnološke delavnice -> Združene sile C2_TO + Three mice: Cirkulacija 2, Konrad Gęca and Ana Raquel Pereira + Cirkulacija 2 in Zagreb – Močvara gallery, 9. -13. June 2012 + Total Noise Session #3 – Marcus Beuter = umetnost zvoka + v Cirkulaciji 2: Uvod v arduino + Kunst und Brot – Salon des Refusés 2012/1 + 2011 Drevo spoznanja in Hrupni robot v C2 + Total art platform at MFRU 2011 + trial version: Urbi et Orbi intervention – in your city, when the night comes… + Paralelni svetovi na Metelkovi + Cirkulacija 2 na Sajeti 2011 + Cirkulacija 2 na Svetlobni gverili + 42 let RŠ – platforma RADAR + Redundantne tehnologije – zbiralna akcija + Cirkulacija 2: Space is the Place + Indija v Cirkulaciji >< Cirkulacija v Indiji + 2010 Zvoki Cirkulacije 2 na Novem trgu v Ljubljani + Expanded Cirkulacija2 at PixxelPoint + C2_Kiblix_Mfru_Haip : Total Noise Session v Cirkulaciji 2 + Jesenski sadeži Cirkulacije 2 + Social Noise Session + C2 na Paralelnih svetovih na Metelkovi + Cirkulacija 2 at Sajeta 2010 + New media drivers feat. Cirkulacija 2 + Expanded Cirkulacija at Alkatraz + Expanded Cirkulacija at Alkatraz – scheduler + Cirkulacija na Vstop prost v Celju + Cirkulacija 2 prejme Zlato ptico + Predstavitev Cirkulacije 2 v Novi Gorici + Cirkulacija 2: Pomladanski zvitki in Mehki zvoki naveličanosti + Cirkulacija 2 gosti vegetarijanko, aktivistko, umetnico, glasbenico in galeristko Reni Hofmueller + 2009 Cirkulacija 2 na Netart Community Convention v Grazu + javno snemanje: Analogična kompozicija + Reality show – “voice-noise karaoke” + Moška umetnost / Male art + CIRKULACIJA 2 na festivalu SAJETA pri Tolminu + Prostor zvoka = telo zvoka + Cirkulacija 2 in Antikonzum + Netart – krompir v žerjavici + 2008 Cirkulacija 2: Vladavina Konzuma + Majda Gregorič v Muzeju premoderne umetnosti + Transpozicije prostorov na Paralelnih svetovih + Odprta Cirkulacija 2 + Cirkulacija na koruzi / Dario Seraval v Brlogu + Napoved: Cirkulacija pod pritiskom + Elektro / Elektra + Zvočenja v Cirkulaciji 2 + Novi okusi Cirkulacije 2 + Video: Kerber nezavednega + Kerber nezavednega in druge zgodbe + Okus Cirkulacije 2 – st. 3 + Video: Event C + Čisto običajen večer v Cirkulaciji 2 + Totalna razprodajna razstava umetnosti + Event C: Taljenje umetnosti v dogodek + Hobotnica s polento + Brlog + 2007 Rotirajoči dogodek v Cirkulaciji 2 + BRLOG + Predstavitev Trivia Records / Zapisi v Cirkulaciji 2 + Razbita lepota, Broken beauty + Reanimacija Cirkulacije + CIRKULACIJA 2 v tovarni Rog nadaljuje + Boj se kreativnosti oblastnikov! + INTERDISCIPLINARNA POSTAJA